iEQ45 Initial Setup

In order to get the most out of your mount there are a number of things you could do.  Most of them you only need to do once.


1.     Check bubble level on mount.

1.     Level tripod with known level (i.e. torpedo or boat level)

2.     Place mount on tripod and note position of bubble.  If it is in the center then all is good.

3.     If bubble is off use a marker to mark center of bubble.  The next time you set up mount level to new mark.

4.     You tube video for general mounts

2.     Check focus and collimation on the polar scope.

1.     Join the Yahoo iEQ45 Imaging group and down load the following pdf from the files section - How To Focus and Collimate the iEQ45 Polarscope.pdf

3.     Level mount when setting up.  Always level tripod/mount to start.  To get the best results it is always a best practice to start with a level mount.  Do this each time you set up the mount.  This way if you are doing any drift aligning movement you see will be isolated in each axis and thus easier to adjust.

4.     Set initial zero positions

1.     Use a magnetic level attached to the bar that the weights are attached to.  Use the clutch screws to adjust the RA axes until the bar is straight down.  Put small white tap across the gap on the RA joint, draw a fine line across it.  Next cut it along the gap with a sharp knife.

2.      Put the OTA on the mount.  Use a plumb or weighted line hanging down from the center of the front of OTA.  Adjust the DEC axis until the line bisects the weight bar.  Mark joint as above.

5.     Reduce Cone Error

1.     Cone Error occurs when the telescope is not parallel to the Right Ascension Axis (RA).  If your dovetail bar has the adjustment screws then this is an easy fix.

2.     Quick and dirty would be to put Polaris in the center of your polar scope then adjust the screws and DEC clutch to get Polaris centered in your scope.


3.     Full and proper method video here.

To get more out of the mount try these modifications: