iEQ45 Lat Locking Screw Upgrade

I recently noticed that the washers on the Latitude Locking Screws where deformed.  It always seemed that these screws would not lock down tight enough.  It would appears that the bolt/washer is not wide enough to span the gap.  After removing the washer is it clear they are not doing their job.  Looking at the most recent iteration it looks like iOptron switched to a wider diameter bolt.  However, this doesn't help those of use who have the older mounts.  So while I could contact iOptron and try to purchase replacement bolts I felt a trip to my local Ace Hardware store was in order.










I settled on a M8 fender washer which was wider than a standard M8 washer and a Mylar washer.  Total on the parts was $1.50.  I put the Mylar washer under the fender washer to help prevent marring.  The Mylar washer is a little bit smaller than the fender washer but doesn't appear to be an issue. It now takes less force to tighten the screw and also renders the mount more resistant to movement.  In the past I could move it up or down with the Latitude Adjustment Knob while the lock screws where engaged but not with this upgrade.

You will notice that the washer could interfere with the stop if you have to lower it for your latitude so you might need to alter this as well.  Probably the easiest thing to do would be to drill a new hole and move it up about a 1/4".










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