iEQ45 Lat Locking Screw Upgrade

I recently noticed that the washers on the Latitude Locking Screws where deformed.  It always seemed that these screws would not lock down tight enough.  It would appears that the bolt/washer is not wide enough to span the gap.  After removing the washer is it clear they are not doing their job.  Looking at the most recent iteration it looks like iOptron switched to a wider diameter bolt.  However, this doesn't help those of use who have the older mounts.  So while I could contact iOptron and try to purchase replacement bolts I felt a trip to my local Ace Hardware store was in order.









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iEQ45 - Hand controller differences 8406 & 8407

Since it's release by iOptron the iEQ45 has gone through a couple of notable revisions.  The first was a modification of the DEC clutch from four bolts to a lever.  This involved a redesign of the surface where the clutch grips the axis to lock.  This was done because under the old design when the bolts were released the weight of the OTA would cause the surfaces to bind and thus making it difficult to balance the OTA in the DEC axis.

The next major upgrade was changing the hand controller (HC) from #8406 to #8407.  Most notable was this also changed the motor controll boards and allows for upgraded the R.A. and DEC control boards individually.  This opens up the possibility of customizing the firmware for each axis, however at this point I haven't seen any evidence of this customization being implemented.

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iEQ45 - Play in mount axis

To those having GOTO problems there may be another source of errors. My GOTO's where not what I thought they should be so after doing all the other things like polar scope collimation, etc. I decided to chase down the play in the axis.

With the worm gear housing the hinges need to be snug against the housing. If they are not there is a lot of play in the axis. Once I corrected this my GOTO's seem to be much, much better.

I created a video to show the play in the axis and the housing moving between the hinges.