The Stars are Big and Bright in NYC

As the holiday season rolls around we often tend to reminisce about holidays past. Recently I got to thinking about our trip to New York City in December of 2011.

It had always been one of my wife's dreams to visit New York City during Christmas.  I think it is the subtle impact of movies and shows using NYC as a location and destination for Christmas that have had the biggest effect.  Places like Rockefeller Center and Macy's were at the top of our list to visit for this trip.  One place I wanted to visit was the American Museum of Natural History and the Rose Center for Earth and Space. My wife has always liked museums and both of us couldn't remember the last time we visited a planetarium so it was added to our list. 

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TAS dark site Oct 2012

Went up and spent Friday night (10/19/2012 in Oklahoma at the TAS dark site. Parker, Gary and I were still able to get up early after staying up to around 2 am. Rest of the slackers are still in their tents.  Was a great night last night, clear and cool.  to shoot the Iris Nebula.