iEQ45 ALT tuneup

The iOptron iEQ45 is a good medium range mount for both visual observing and astrophotography. However with a few tweaks it can be improved.

The altitude adjustment can sometimes be difficult, it is not as smooth as it should be which can make it hard to dial things in when doing polar alignment via drift or with AlignMaster.  However, this is easy to fix.  As always proceed at your own risk.

1 - Lube the pivot bolts (at the back) for alt adjustment (Blue arrow).  Place mount on its side.  Carefully remove one bolt on that side.  There is a brass bushing on the mount, lube the inside of this and the threaded hole the blot fits into.  Also place a little lube on the bolt.  Put the bolt back in and then flip mount over to do the other side.  Super lube works well.

2 - Lube the inside of the adjustment wheel (Red Arrow).  Turn the  bolt to raise the mount until the brass bolts are free of the knob.  Put a little lube into the ends of the know and on the ends of the brass bolts.  Then reassemble.

3 - Use a longer bolt to put in the alt adjustment wheel for greater leverage (Green Arrow). I found a long screw with an actual plastic knob on the end at Ace Hardware.


Your adjustments will now be as smooth as butter!

iOptron iEQ45 mount


Thanks to my friends at Cloudy Nights for the original idea.

Also check out my upgrade for the locking screws.