iOptron iEQ45

The iOptron iEQ45 is a good medium level mount for both visual and imaging.   It comes with a built in GPS and polar scope.  Most users find it easy to get initial polar alignments and find Goto's generally perform well.  Reviews have generally been favorable particularly with the later version with the modified clutch.  If you get one expecting to get the results of $10K mount you will be disappointed.  However, if you are looking for a sub $2K mount I can recommend it. 

It is my observation that because this is a mass produce med ranged mount the quality can vary.  What I mean by this is that the periodic error can vary wildly.  The mount I own I have measured a PE of around 60 arc-secs the first time I measured it.  I have seen others report PE of around 20-30 arc-secs  in the Yahoo iEQ45 imaging group and here.  My advice is if you buy one then immediately measure the PE.  If it is in the 50-60 range contact your dealer for an exchange.

Now even if you have a mount with large PE all is not lost.  You can bring it down.  I was able to bring mine down from 61 arc-secs to around 20 arcs-secs.  I am hoping with implementing PEC I can bring it down even further.  I know guiding helps imaging and I feel I get get good results now.  However, I think with a large PE the guiding has to work harder and can be more troublesome.


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