Mount Power/USB distribution hub

Next I needed to mount the power/USB hub to the OTA.  More specifically I ended up mounting to an Orion universal dovetail bar attached to the top of the rings. First I constructed a bracket out of steel I got at Home Depot.  Then painted it with several coats of black paint after washing and drying it to remove any oil on it.



The top of bracket was mounted to the dovetail bar.  I place a rubber bumper on the bottom of the bracket. The bumper was slightly longer than it needed to be so as the tension would help keep the bottom of the bracket snug against the OTA without resorting to drastic measures.  Seems to work pretty well and the box doesn't move at all.


Here are the various cables plugged into the hub.  I took the excess cable and used Velcro cable ties to tie it to the top of the bracket.  This way the excess cable wouldn't flop around as the mount moves.  Also I believe I can keep the bracket and cables mounted to the OTA and thus save time when setting up when I go out to the dark site.   Of course I will need to reattach the cable bundle but it should still save me set up time along with the other benefits.

I then bundled the power and USB cable in a 1/2 cable loom/sleeve and ran it up the counter weight arm.  I then fastened it to the bar holding the rings.  This way when the DEC axis rotates the OTA, weights and the loop out front all rotate in unison.  The loop is large enough clear the DEC motor box etc.  I am also using a powered USB extension, the connector I attached to the end of the counter weight bar so it was out of the way.

When it rotates in RA the counter weight bar can swing taking the bottom loop up.  There is enough slack that it can rotate as far as needed.  The only cable left hanging is the ST4 cable going to the mount from the guide camera.  It would be possible to either just issue the guide commands through ASCOM and thus eliminate the cable or get a longer cable and route it through the bundle.  But for now I will just let it hang.