RubberMaid Observatory Concept


So here is the building around the pier.  This is a representation of a Roughneck Small Vertical Storage unit.  Exterior Dimensions: 55"W x 28"D x 77"H


The first concept is to simply roll away the building from the pier.  This would require putting some kind of track in the yard.  Not something I really want to do.


The next concept is to flip the building down when I want to use the scope.  It could be hinged and just use some kind of quick release tie downs.  Release them and then tip it over.


The next concept is a modified version, I call the flip top.  Would have to cut the building in half and place hinges on the back and latches on the side.  I believe lifting it slightly in the front would allow one to take the doors off then flip the top back. This would allow me to store items like a battery on the floor.  Also would have to seal the cut edges.  My thought would also put strips of wood on the inside bottom edge of the top half to help align the halves when they are together.